Professional Team

1DTDS NETWORK is a Malaysia based sourcing/buying agent specializing in international trade.  We provide all the necessary support to our customers in terms of: factory sourcing, price negotiation, quality control, shipment logistics including consolidation and payment arrangement.

With the expansion of Malaysia’s online wholesale and retail market, we started to offer China-Malaysia door-to-door online buying agent service through DTDS4U.com. Together with our valuable experience in handling international trade, our professional team will provide you with merchandise handling services from ordering, follow- up & coordinating with seller, inspection & final goods packing to ensure a smooth & efficient delivery of your purchases from China.

Easy & Affordable Service Fee

2We are certain that you will find our service fee the best among all agents and will also find our service the safest and the most effective. With our buying experience accumulated over the years, we have been verified & rewarded as Diamond Buyer in Taobao.com, you can be assured of a satisfied service from us.

Besides, as the certified VIP V3 Diamond Buyer
of Taobao, we are honored to be entitled another 10% to 30% discount on selected seller items ( Please refer to FAQ section). With the experience gained till now as a Diamond Buyer of Taobao, we are very familiar with the online shopping industry and will update you the latest promotion from time to time.

Largest Online Market

3With the expansion of China in international trade market, China is now one of the biggest manufacturing countries in the world, providing the world all sorts of products from consumer to industry. With all the factories set up in China and its large online population, China has all the ingredients to become one of the largest online shopping markets as well.

For example Taobao(www.taobao.com), launched in 2003, is the largest Internet retail Web site in China with 78 percent of the Chinese-domestic online consumer market. As of December 31, 2009, it served more than 170 million registered users and more than 570,000 sellers in taobao.com.

Save Cost and Time

4When sellers deliver the purchased items to our warehouse in China, our professional team will help you to inspect and verify the items. This is to ensure that we can identify and correct any problems/discrepancies before sending them back to Malaysia. We can communicate timely with the sellers and resolve any problem, thereby saving the cost of international postage and time.

Completely Minimum Risk

5DTDS4U will help to identify the seller’s integrity in any deal with 0% risk of being conned/ cheated by a seller. As a certified Diamond Buyer in Taobao and with our buying experience accumulated over the years, we will help to minimize the risk while you shop in any China online shopping websites with us.

Member Bonus Point

6With DTDS4U, You can shop for the best bargain and finest goods from ALL of China’s hottest online shopping mall. Every purchase or referral will contribute to bonus point accumulation. Our members can use the bonus points to get discount or special gift reward