Shopping Service Flow & Process

  1. Click & browse any of the listed China online shopping websites.
  2. Choose the item that you want to purchase. Copy & Paste the complete link of items at Facebook or by email (
    Let us know the size, color or any relevant details that we need to know.

    Order format:
    Full Name:
    Nick Name:
    Contact number:
    Item URL link:
    Item description:
    Other details:

    We will check and let you know the total cost after communicating with seller.
    * We strive for 2 hours response time for any enquiry made during 8am-12am.

    Items price + China local postage = TOTAL AMOUNT (RMB)
    TOTAL AMOUNT (RMB)/ 1.92 * 1.15 (15% Service fee) + International postage +Malaysia local postage =TOTAL FINAL COST (RM)

  3. Confirm your order by making full payment and email us your payment receipt copy and shipping details.Bank: MAYBANK
    Account Name: DTDS NETWORK
    Account Number: 5074 3302 2492

    * You MUST email us at after you did payment.

    - Proof of payment *Receipt (PDF, screenshot, snapshot, etc)
    - Shipping Details
    Full Name:
    Shipping Address: *Please make sure you provide a correct address
    Contact Number:

  4. We proceed to place order to the seller. Seller will deliver the goods to our China warehouse.
  5. Our warehouse team will inspect and verify the goods received. Verified goods will then be sent back to our Malaysia distribution center. Relax and wait for the delivery. We will update you the ETA of the shipment by email.